Wednesday, June 25, 2008

completed works

Nothing too new here folks,
I finshed my WIP order-sol, and i think it turned out quite nicely.
I whipped up a quick Aang afterwards ( also in Sketchbook pro)
And finally i added some slight changes to the older british race car driver ( i need to finsh the series at some point)


Mirella said...

that's good job, I love=)!!!

Pagas said...

Talented illustrator, very well!

P.S. Thanks for stopping-by in my blog

Nick said...

Good work man... Keep posting FREQUENTLY.

bog_art said...

Hi there!.. So, Manga Style Caricature?.. that is great my friend!.. I had waited in the line too to get one of your draws!.. great work!..

bog_art said...

And now you say it.. that post reminds me of the inspector from pink panther too.. lol

Alina Chau said...

Nice character drawings!