Thursday, July 27, 2006

bunch of random doodles, i was lazy to make a photoshop file with them all on it.
the cartoony head is suppose to be of myself but i like the one that my one of my teachers did of me instead, you can view his work in my links at peter macadams, he's a super talented guy and i'll post his drawing of me sometime this weekend.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


what's happening to TV today? all these new and "great" shows are suppose to be on, yet all i see is gay fashion guys giving advice to people who have no sense of fashion anyway, lame american idol wanna-be shows with "the hoff" in them and dating shows because no one can find a decent date nowadays without going on national TV.
so this drawing was inspired by something like designer guys or whatever that show is called because we all need " a little more pink in our fashion"
but don't take my word for it, just click on the TV and be amazed

Thursday, July 20, 2006

older doodles

first off sorry for the delay in postings, i've been working on my portfolio and demoreel again so that's taken up some of my time.
I'd like to ask the people who visit my blog to leave me some comments, the last time i checked i had 195 people view this blog, so i'd like some feedback! but thank you to all the people who've checked out my shitty work

second, i totally agree with Alberto Ruiz's comment about the state of things, in the wake of these recent bombings and even more looming, people and things are getting out of hand.

and finally these two doodles above are from scraps i found in my film school boxes, the anime-ish guy is from akria and the drawing is from Falcoon ( check out this guy's art!! he's amazing) i did it as some fan art to both him and akira which is one of my fav animated films of all time.
and the other drawing is from a marvel comic cover, i think it was from universe X or something ( last good thing marvel put out was secert wars..awesome art again @ )
these are just based off others work, but recenty i haven't had time to do much drawings, so cheers~

Saturday, July 15, 2006


i know in the other pose this guy was suppose to be a pirate...but it went back to being a viking which i think fits the character more

Thursday, July 13, 2006

today's doodles

some drawings from a recent pad

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


nerdy guy

tough guy

this is the kind of guy who'd probably beat little kids and punks down, now for those for don't know me, don't misunderstand the child beatings as a bad thing, we all know children are worthless little punks that deserve to get the snot beat from them.
and oh this guy would probably use an arnold accent while doing it, because arnold rules.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

pirate or savvy?

ahoy people, i just went to see pirates 2 dead man's chest, have to say that was a truly awesome movie, not only was the action much better, but the humour and story were much improved as well, not to mention i think keira knightly's totally hot so that makes me love the series all the more. its a bit of a surpise ending with a certain character coming back...but all in all i'd say its worth every penny and line up time that i endured.

this guy is not from there but maybe i'll use him in my own pirate story.

as seen in 40 years

can't wait to see myself like this in 30-40 years ^__^


Monday, July 03, 2006

funny words

To fully understand this post and why the name danivir pops up in the words written by a good friend of mine ( justin smith...who's rocking heads at bardel) it goes back to about 6 months ago.
I kept seeing this pretty cute girl on the bus, so one day after probably a week of seeing her morning after morning on the bus/skytrain i got my guts and finally talked to her, now i don't know if people know how hard it is to strike up a convo based on "hey i've been checking you out on the bus...wanna go out?" yeah i didn't really say that to her, point is we talked the whole trip to downtown and i ended up with her msn ( score!!) her name was Danivir Kent, yeah sounds english right? well she was mexican ( go figure) but she seemed like a classy babe, so we talked a few times here and there and one day at school i was in such a good mood that justin (smith) noticed and asked what was up, so i told him about danivir and he thought i was talking about a female version of myself ( i.e a tall hairy skinny girl with glasses) and then peter h got into it which made it worse, by lunch the class next door knew so i was at the end of being picked on with the likes of " hey danivir...oops that's your "girlfriend" right?? LOL" yeah whatever....anyway to end this long boring tale it didn't work out between me and danivir, i guess she wasn't looking for a boyfriend and i was too lazy to go out to musicals and other crap, even though that didn't stop people at school who knew me from calling me danivir untill near the end of the program, this drawing was done by justin during film time, he did the clean up over my rough and ended up making the dude look great...amazing what a good artist can do to a crappy drawing.
anyway that was that, i have another one just like it but of the little chracter which i'll post one day.

model sheets

These are some of my model sheets from final film days, this post is to brock who's been asking to see my chracters since he first saw my film, i see so many mistakes looking back at these and i wish i could re-do that film and make it better, also this was the intended "rough" line that was going to be used in the film, it ended up changing a bit though

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Another post for brockkers here, although i'm not sure what style he's into was cowboys..then knights..blah blah..anyway cheers man~

girly 4

i fell madly in love with j.scott campbell's style as well a while back, although this is really far off from that style

i'm popular!

this drawing is for one of the stories i'm working on with brock, he has this same drawing on his blog but slightly changed.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

guess who?

yeah, that's right its jean-claude, his family seemed to like it so hopefully he doesn't kill me if he sees this

R man

a doodle for a friend ( alright brock) i like the way it turned out but i want to make future drawings more solid in structure then this one.