Sunday, June 01, 2008

200th post

Hey Everyone,
200th post! not that it means anything really, but i guess its been that long huh? so to round it off i've thrown up my test from alias sketchbook pro, i haven't used it before but i was interested since i saw a few friend's works, its a fun and great program to use, its not up there with photoshop of course, but the interface is user friendly and its great for all types of work, i'll be putting up more of my work to track progess.


macaronni said...

I think it's best used as.. well.. a sketchbook.

Some people seem to like it best.

I think I'm too used to Photoshop now :P

tom said...

Well, congrats for you 200th post!

bog_art said...

There are so many programs to draw right now that I don't know all of them.. maybe that is why I just use photoshop.. :P

Congratulations for your 200th post!.. 200 great art works!.. now, 300 is the goal..

PD: Sorry for being kind of away of the blogs all this time.. but I have been really really busy.. I will try to be around again.. cheers!..

EL GRANDE said...

That red girl is really something. Great drawings on here, and congrats on the 200th. I'll make it there one of these days:)

Joe y Elio

Heidi Smith said...

Awesome!! I like the lady at the top!