Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey Everyone,
A bit of fan art here! i did my version of an older sexy kim possible from disney's kim possible( great show btw) which is kinda like similar to the idea that tex avery did with "red hot riding hood"
I also have a so-so drawing of iori from SNK'S KOF series( i'm not a super huge fan but they have fun characters)
I can't figure out who that face reminds me of!! i didn't intend it to look like anyone and now that i look back it reminds me of someone ( rocker? movie star?)
Lastly i did a racer girl complete with her car of choice the old school MG mini cooper! For those who don't know i do like cars quite a bit, so i might do something out of that idea? stay tuned.
anywho that's all for now folks!


Lena said...

Hi Dan!I liked your new figures! At you very stylish and laconic figures turn out! i wish cheerful days off! Holidays begin with Wednesday at me in the country. A holiday of Working people and the Holiday of a Victory over fascism in 1945. Good bye! Lena. Moscow.

Ken said...

nice dude, top one is cool. Ive never seen Kim Possible... I dunno for someone who works in animation, I aint keen on cartoons haha

Keep up the sketches mate, lookin forward to more

TH3DEN said...

awesome mini. nice kim, though i've never seen the show. these are great dude.

Jamal O said...

Nice mini...!

Anonymous said...

nice work.
I saw the first season of Kim Possible- fun stuff; great art

really wonderful staging

macaronni said...

So you'll be doing more of the car series? Keep'em up!

steve said...

very nice work-my folks have a mini--love that car!

tom said...

The chick with the Mini cooper is really awesome!