Sunday, December 24, 2006


I might as well post all i can while i'm still logged in, the car is very inspiried by another blogger that i saw, if your wondering how i colored it, its purely colored in flash MX, helpful tool when your in a rush to color, the BG shot is something from a while ago that i thought was cool.

mas faces!!

Ok so i know i haven't posted in god knows when, but here is a quick mass upload of doodles i have done in the last two months or so, of course this is a small amount of the actual drawings that i do, but never the less hope you enjoy, maybe over this christmas break i'll post so more and more body shots as well, sorry for the delay if anyone bothers to check on me, and happy holidays!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

design 'n' doodle

i haven't posted in so long, so here is some stuff from a drawing pad

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So these are just some thumbnails i was doing real quick recently, i had intended to use them for a flash animation, but i gave up on that idea and these drawings remain.
On a different side note i'd like to personally say good job to both my good friend Mac Ko( you can view his blog at my links section) and my other friend Greg Roth who are both VFS grads and now currently work for Bardel downtown, All i can say is...its about time Mac!! just kidding, I'm happy for both of them, as well they work along side my classmate and friend justin smith( you can also see justin's blog in my links) and steph sim who also work at bardel.
So now all i can say is...I want to get in!!
have a good time guys and see you soon ( i hope)

Saturday, September 23, 2006


hey hey,

so i guess i'm back..for now? we'll see so far nothing really new or different has happened, i still work for roland music so its good for the paycheques at least.

anyway that doesn't mean all this time i've been not drawing! this is a fairly recent doodle from the last two weeks or so.

enjoy and more to come!

Friday, September 08, 2006

blogger break

i really do hate whatever the hell has happened to blogger, i can't even seem to upload and properly post my art anymore, so untill i can figure what i need to do to fix it i guess i'm going to take a "blogger break" and not post for a while.

in the mean time, i wanted to introduce one of my older teachers from film school to the blogger world, and even though not many people might check my blog this guy is well worth it, his name is gideon flitt and is already quite famous for his fine art so i'm pretty sure that's nothing new, but to those from the film school who happened to miss him, you can see his works at i was lucky enough to have him teach my class life drawing, color theory and some others, he's probably one if not the most talented people i have ever met in my short life, just to name a few things he did over his life are and not limited to: hairdresser, fashion designer, art history buff, masterful oil painter, masterful life drawer, history teacher, and many others that could probably fill a page, but don't take my word for it check out his site and maybe even drop him a line.
happy lookings and i'll try and be back to blogger as soon as i can

Monday, August 28, 2006

beta sucks!

Holy moly, ever since i signed on for this new beta blogger all my commenting is gone! i can't seem to post a comment on anyone's blog, even though i saw tons of good posts from people i check out almost on a daily basis, so i'm sorry for that and the second i can figure out what's wrong and how to fix it i'll do just that!
anyway these are some quickies from two weeks ago, i should post more concept and final designs to characters that i do, which i'll start to do more of.
anyway cheers and sorry about the lost of comments~

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

happy birthday to me

woot woot happy 20th birthday to myself, not much to say really...i'm 20, single, work in a warehouse, have no car, no social life, and barely see or hang out with friends, so yeah...happy 20th indeed.
but not to sound like i need pity or that i'm feeling sorry for myself but at least the small group of friends i have are really cool and i couldn't ask for a better bunch..they know who they are, i have a loving and supporting mother, i have nice and funny co-workers and hopefully find the girl for me some day when the time is right.

and oh...i have eddy to make my b-day more fun.

Monday, August 21, 2006


some faster doodles for the start of the week

Saturday, August 19, 2006

just some more brush pen fun

crazy bob

just a character for fun

Thursday, August 17, 2006

thrusday postings

the top left drawing reminds me of an older james vander beek from dawson's creek...don't ask why
the top right is playing with shapes and using the brush pen some more, i used it quite alot for my student film ( i cleaned the whole film using it!)
and the bottom drawing was figuring out the warrior character i had posted before, i liked this one more then the other as i felt he had more character in him

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

warrior's wandering

I feel like i have to make up for some lost posts, actaully i never would have thought that having a blog is so useful to keep me drawing.
anyway this is a character that i had in my head for a while and i want to use him in a future project
its done in brush pen as are the two below

DD time!

whoa! i had some weird internet problem..i'm not sure what that was all about but it seems to be better now, i meant to do a few posts over the weekend but that stuff screwed me up.
Anyway the character above is from my buddy brock's student film, this is a concept and not a final result, he's just working out the story and i've been helping him out, i drew these when i came back home after going over some storyboards with him.

Friday, August 11, 2006

friday's post

nothing much here, anyway i wanted to share a friend of mine's blog, i'd like to introduce the very talented mr.justin p. smith to the blogger world.
please check out his awesome art at
i was lucky enough to have him be one of my classmates during the year at vancouver film school, and from the first day i saw him draw i knew he was good ( and i'm not just writing that because i know he'll check my blog)
anyway it was a great year and justin's a great guy so i had alot of fun with him and the others
so leave him some comments!
cheers and happy looking!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

on the road to dan

hey look who it! just kidding, i used to look alot like tulio, me and my teacher cory looked like tulio and miguel from the movie.
but we both cut our hair and therefore are off model now.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

sorry for the delay, i spent the weekend at my friend's house.
some heads for the start of the week
some more jimmy, the old man is from someone else's blog ( can't recall off the top of my head) and the bottom is an angry man!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

today's doodles

the little knight guy is once again from my final 2d student film, and the head is a daily doodle

the top drawing is rolf and jimmy from ed,edd and eddy for more practice and the bottom two are just some of the daily heads i like to draw.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

200 hits thanks!

so i'm happy to report that over 200 people have viewed my blog this far, although that doesn't mean alot i'am happy to know that at least 200 unlucky souls got stuck in my slice of the net for a while, thanks everyone!

the drawings of eddy from ed,edd and eddy are for fun, i'm not a huge fan of the show and i probably couldn't watch 2 of them back to back without turning it off, but never the less the style is pretty cool.

the other drawing of the person is suppose to be me, done by peter macadams, he does these little drawings of people he looks at while in class and captures a moment that he finds unique, i believe it took him 3-4 mins to do. thanks pete!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

bunch of random doodles, i was lazy to make a photoshop file with them all on it.
the cartoony head is suppose to be of myself but i like the one that my one of my teachers did of me instead, you can view his work in my links at peter macadams, he's a super talented guy and i'll post his drawing of me sometime this weekend.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


what's happening to TV today? all these new and "great" shows are suppose to be on, yet all i see is gay fashion guys giving advice to people who have no sense of fashion anyway, lame american idol wanna-be shows with "the hoff" in them and dating shows because no one can find a decent date nowadays without going on national TV.
so this drawing was inspired by something like designer guys or whatever that show is called because we all need " a little more pink in our fashion"
but don't take my word for it, just click on the TV and be amazed

Thursday, July 20, 2006

older doodles

first off sorry for the delay in postings, i've been working on my portfolio and demoreel again so that's taken up some of my time.
I'd like to ask the people who visit my blog to leave me some comments, the last time i checked i had 195 people view this blog, so i'd like some feedback! but thank you to all the people who've checked out my shitty work

second, i totally agree with Alberto Ruiz's comment about the state of things, in the wake of these recent bombings and even more looming, people and things are getting out of hand.

and finally these two doodles above are from scraps i found in my film school boxes, the anime-ish guy is from akria and the drawing is from Falcoon ( check out this guy's art!! he's amazing) i did it as some fan art to both him and akira which is one of my fav animated films of all time.
and the other drawing is from a marvel comic cover, i think it was from universe X or something ( last good thing marvel put out was secert wars..awesome art again @ )
these are just based off others work, but recenty i haven't had time to do much drawings, so cheers~

Saturday, July 15, 2006


i know in the other pose this guy was suppose to be a pirate...but it went back to being a viking which i think fits the character more

Thursday, July 13, 2006

today's doodles

some drawings from a recent pad

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


nerdy guy

tough guy

this is the kind of guy who'd probably beat little kids and punks down, now for those for don't know me, don't misunderstand the child beatings as a bad thing, we all know children are worthless little punks that deserve to get the snot beat from them.
and oh this guy would probably use an arnold accent while doing it, because arnold rules.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

pirate or savvy?

ahoy people, i just went to see pirates 2 dead man's chest, have to say that was a truly awesome movie, not only was the action much better, but the humour and story were much improved as well, not to mention i think keira knightly's totally hot so that makes me love the series all the more. its a bit of a surpise ending with a certain character coming back...but all in all i'd say its worth every penny and line up time that i endured.

this guy is not from there but maybe i'll use him in my own pirate story.

as seen in 40 years

can't wait to see myself like this in 30-40 years ^__^