Wednesday, June 04, 2008

untitled comic pages

So after long last i've put up my WIP comic that i started last year with Axel Matfin ( his blog is in my links under his name) He wrote and created the story for this series and i did the pencils and offered some input, this is the WIP first issue or even a "zero" issue if you would.
Its rough and its not that well thought out on my part, you can see its not too consistent either, this is because i was playing around with the look of the main character while i was doing pages( i had a rough idea on looks but not a solid form) the main girl character was a little more "locked down" but i changed her shirt around a few times during this issue.
I won't say the story for the series but in this issue our main character Steve did the ultimate no-no and slept with his best (girl) friend robyn's friend and she caught them in her apartment, well to say the least Robyn is mad and Steve tries his best to give his opinion on the matter and patch things up.
I'm hoping when i get time and get "into" working" on this again i'll fix panels and characters, to be honest it is my first comic that i've done on my own completely, i've loved comics since i was younger and i hope one day i might get a chance to do some comic work, till then this is what i have.
have fun inputting your own thoughts and words since me and Axel never got that far


C.B. Canga said...

cool style you have. i like.

thanks for stop'n by to view my blog. stay creative.

aintshakespeare said...

Wow. That's quite a friggin' comic. Excellent style and flow. Will we get to see any of these pages completed?

Justin Smith said...

Looks good man! Nice to see your still drawing like crazy. You seemt o be getting better and better!

Justin Smith said...

No, no pixar internship :) Not ready for that...what was the deal?

I am working on something for another network down in LA but we will see how that goes...Im not holding my breathe!

Leonel Castellani said...

Nice pages, I really like the expressions...

Joseph Lee said...

Great job! Lookin' forward to seein' the pages inked and completed!

Alina Chau said...

Nice comic pages!

Heidi Smith said...

Great sketches!

Eric Z said...

great job on all these pages. Heck of a lot of work! I'll be doin the same soon for a graphic novel compilation. Can't wait to see the final images. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

looks like alot of work went into these; maybe even more than was needed:)

i think some panels are unclear
regardless of the dialog; the basic visual storytelling is ambiguous

because this is cinematic in it's approach look at books on film- or films themselves.

specifically look more at film editing:insert shots, 180 rule (and crossing the line for reverse angle shots) how and when to use an establishing shot, long medium, close up, extreme close up etc.

I think with more thought/planning
your pencil work/drawing will be put to better use

Anonymous said...

I would say read them all:)

"Cinematic Storytelling" on Amazon
seems to be cheap; and have some good reviews.

I read one on editing a few months back but I can't remember the title
"the final cut" maybe? It was interviews with famous film editors

Understanding Comics by McCloud
Comics and Sequential Art by Eisner

Martin Scorsese did a documentary
called "Visions of Light" about film a few years back - that is worth a view as well

I think the best way is to start plain- tell the story in a simple way- and then begin to change your
camera angles and cropping. Give your viewpoints a reason.

I just realized it:
Brad Bird's notes on composition
go read and enjoy!

animation meat-notes-television

Javi García said...

Great stuff in your blog!, I like!


Ian Milne said...

Hey Dan! Been a while. What's new? Life drawing's on weds and thurs again! Nice stuff!

Kat said...

your character design is just fabulous!

david benzal said...

NIce layouts!

C.B. Canga said...

thanks. looking forward to your next post.

TH3DEN said...

thats a lot of pages my friend. awesome.

bog_art said...

Gorgeus work my friend!.. I loved it!.. you should finish it all for sure.. you have some great scenes to color in!.. congrats!..

kenjibliss said...

Cool updates Dan! I really like your style mixed with fun gestures. Your cranking out like a machine dude, keep it up man ^_^!! Can't wait to see more. Cheers!