Saturday, April 05, 2008

people drawing and more

Hey Everyone,
I've put up some fresh people drawings from today's trip to the mall with friends, the session didn't last too long so i didn't get in many people but it was fun, its a bit weird i think when they see you drawing them and they must think your some creep or weirdo but at least they don't come over and knock over your table or something :)
I'm going to try a weekly session either by myself or with friends to help improve my skills a bit, so stay tuned for updates on that.
Other news, that little freelance gig i was doing is now done so i should be posting that soon, its just a little flash video for a cilent for their website, so i should be posting it within the next week or so.
Lastly i drew a bunch of angry guys didn't i? its just a character i made up, or at least toying with, these are semi-rough as i drew these on another piece of paper once i had the forms down.
thanks for the comments everyone! always look forward to them!


bog_art said...

Great new work man!!.. it is the first time I noticed you draw always with pencil colors.. haha.. why do you do this??.. and what kind of pencils do you use??.. I can't wait to see your animation.. I saw the one you have in your last post and I think is really well done.. and everything in flash!!.. congrats!!..

PS: Thanks for your words man.. It really means a lot to me because I know you have studied animation before.. and I don't.. lol

anime2000 said...

Wow a bit of angry sketches there dan, they look great though. Keep up the great work and I also can't wait to see your animation.

Lena said...

Greetings Dan!i very much like your work!
Thanks for your kind words!
I wish you creative successes!
Elena. Moscow.

Kaaraaan said...

ur stuff's improved quite a bit dan. nice going.

Eric Orchard said...

Great stuff!
I love your character designs.

RoB said...

YEAH!!!~ Great posts of DRAWINGS DUDE!!! Great expressive drawings!

Oh, about not trying to get caught drawing people in public, someone told me a while back to try wearing shades when you draw so they can't see you watching them ;P


PaulSketch said...

Awesome! The style of the characters look like X-Men evolution
you would have been a great character designer/ animator for them!

Lena said...

Hi Dan! Very interesting works!
Thanks , that you have added me in the links! I blog now badly woks. I shall soon correct it!
Good bye!Elena!

Alexei Martins said...

Cool stuff!!!Love the people drawing! Lots of awesome expressions!!

and thank you so much for you comment on my blog!it's a pleasure!!