Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Batman Beyond sketches and some Girls

The Batman Beyond sketches are not original works, i did use reference (  google and the film itself ) for them and tried to keep them in the same style as the movie and TV series

I did them for fun

The sketches of the girls are original and my own designs, i just sketched one and played around with hair and color designs

All color is done with Copic Markers and Ink, Pencil on Newsprint paper

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mall Sketches and Pad Doodles

This is a combo of Sketches from my solo trips to the mall and some i did at home.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Masked Luchador piece WIP

I was thinking of doing a piece with my Masked Luchador character from a while back, so i drew the thumbnail showed here ( i did more as well but i liked this one ) his pose i looked at some WWF and TNA type shows and images on google and youtube untill i found a pose close enough to the one i used here.

I then blew up ( printed bigger ) my thumbnail and threw on some muscles and detail and fixed the pose a bit, i inked the drawing and then colored it using Copics markers.

Now i just have to complete the BG and the other character

Oh and i posted a totally different drawing as well from my sketch pad, colors are copics


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Political people

Just this one piece to post for now, these are my own original characters i sketched up while listening to Real time with Bill Maher on itunes the other day, they aren't suppose to look like anyone really i was just going by voices i was listening to.

Colors are done using Copics and Ink

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fan arts

Like the title says this post is mostly fan arts

I drew Leo from TMNT ( the old movies not the cartoon show ) i just used a image still as reference

Wolverine in his "older" costume colors

another venom and spider-man post 

a self cartoony pic of me

my take on DC comics flash, his foot is a bit cropped since the image was a little too big but i wanted to try a cartoony take on him

and finally a batman drawn in a jim lee style ( i used brown because i was tired of using my other limited colors, doesn't he look a bit like nightowl from watchmen? )

all color work done using Copics Markers

Sunday, April 12, 2009

big post

So this is a messy big post but i'll try and break down what's going on here

Starting from the top is my take on venom with influence from Angel Medina's Venom : dark origins style ( meaning this is my own original sketch but i had looked over some of his comics before i drew this )

below is a sketch of a superhero type girl in green and black.

My take on Spidy ( the color is done with copics )

A 90's-ish girl sketch from my pad

a man i drew from a flyer from RBC ( but i pushed it in my style a bit )

A french poet/artist doodle i did at the mall with some friends the other day

Man in color (copics) i used a newspaper as reference and then pushed it a bit

black lady in color ( copics again ) was just a doodle in my pad

Batman in the animated style and in color

the next two is one asian guy ( sketch of a person ) from the mall and some doodles in my pad

Sad looking woman who was a sketch in my pad during my time in the mall with friends

a sketch of an older man at the mall while he was sitting down

the rest of the posts here are just sketches and doodles from my pad and any colored are done so using Copics, for some i used older drawings i had done a few years back and re-drew them and tried to push the forms and style a bit, i think i got a bit better