Sunday, May 27, 2007

much needed postin'


its been a while since i posted something up, last post didn't count much since it was older work.
I've been busy getting better at animating in flash, so most of my free time after work goes to that, plus i've been looking for extra work besides mercury to get me doing something and hopefully bring in some extra coin.
Last week on friday was a good chance for me to have a bit of drawing fun with friends and co-workers from mercury, i'm not usually into drawing with other people much except close friends but in this case it was pretty fun, so i'm hoping to do it on a weekly friday basis.

anyway sorry for some of the poor scans, i spilled some coffee on my pad while i was drawing, so hence the brown stain on one of the scans, it made it all crinkled and junk. and i also ran out of unused paper and had to resort to re-drawing on top of crappy life drawings.

these are about 2 weeks old? i haven't drawn much last week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

early work

So this time around i thought i'd show everyone some of the crap i used to do back in the good ole days, the top drawing i did with pencil and watercolor back when i was in grade 10 or so, its a character from a skateboard company, world industries.
the picture of the funny looking kid is me, see i was just as weird back then as i'am now, what can i say? i make a horrible picture, that was from '96 when i was in soccer with other ugly kids.
and lastly i drew and painted dragon ball z characters, come on people, everyone liked it back then, the mindless powering up for over 1o ep. and the horrible, horrible dub with cheesy voice acting, anyway hardest part of that painting was probably the skin and hair color, mainly because i remember running out mid-way, thank god for photoshop nowadays. that was when i was in gr.10 or 11, just before i moved to vancouver from calgary.

R.I.P calgary.....with your crappy weather, shitty hangouts, bad malls, red neck hicks, and terrible stampede.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

work desk doodles...and more

So some of this stuff is from work, besides the first drawing the rest are from work, what is with cronus and his nipples? like wtf??!! you need a day and night color for someone's nipples??! are you kidding me? but that's my day at work...nipples and inking them, Oh don't forget that i had a really bright shirt on today, probably soaked up too much radioactive crap from my shitty computer monitor.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

not much to show

just some girls, something i should draw more of since i'm not super comfortable with them.