Saturday, June 21, 2008

YA event and more

Hey guys,
Wow its been a fairly busy week, i finally put up the some pictures from the Young Associates event, its basically a group of people who have donated money to the gallery and about 3 times a year the gallery holds a party for them when new artwork comes in to the gallery.
The event started at 7pm and i was there untill 10pm ( i was suppose to be only till 9pm) but there was so many people in line waiting to have them drawn! you can't even tell by looking at the photos, but there was always a long line waiting to have me draw them, needless to say i didn't even take a break the whole time so i could try and get everyone in, if the event didn't close at 10 i might have been there even longer because people still wanted to have one! Anyway it was a fun time and i hope i can go back later this fall again.
I've also put up some sketchs and a WIP painting of order-sol from GGAC, i used alias sketchbook pro for everything on that one, you'll notice my lines are kinda wobbly, i only own a 5x4 tablet so its a bit hard but i'll make due untill i get a bigger one.
I post it again once i finsh his hair.


TH3DEN said...

sweet stuff dude.nice to see your keeping busy, you probably have like 100 new fans from that convention :D!!!

Ken said...

good job dude! Those folks look like they are enjoying your caricaturing :D Would be good to see some actual ones from the day but I guess u dont have em anymore!

Joseph Lee said...

Looks like it was a fun event! Cool sketches!

macaronni said...

Wow, sounds like an adventure!

Must've been very fun. Tiring.. but fun :P

C.B. Canga said...

thanks fo the wonderful comment.

looks like they put you to work this night. looks like you had fun. very cool

Goobeetsablog said...

congratulations again
looks like a fun time!