Tuesday, August 15, 2006

warrior's wandering

I feel like i have to make up for some lost posts, actaully i never would have thought that having a blog is so useful to keep me drawing.
anyway this is a character that i had in my head for a while and i want to use him in a future project
its done in brush pen as are the two below


macaronni said...

Keep it up.. KEEP IT UP!!



I could use some comments one of these days. Just joking, take care now Juan! Keep up the solid work!

Brock and Steelix.

shakerdom said...

Dan Dear,
Why do all your characters look like Canadian icons? I think you are talented (I know, because I invented art). But why be stuck in this Scotch-French stranglehold? Why not be more cosmopolitan? Why subordinate yourself to your friend's particular lunacy. Best to you, bubba.