Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey Bloggers
First off sorry for such a long break between posts! i really have no good excuse like i was working or something, i'm not really quite sure what happened...it probably was a combination of me being tired from work, working on a new project ( won't mention it just yet) helping out some friends in their project ( flash-animation based) and just being lazy.
I'm going to try extra hard to get stuff up here, i feel like i've been slacking from my drawing for a little too long now.
Other things that happened, i just saw the new Hulk movie and i suggest to everyone to go see it, its a fun movie and way better then the ang lee version by far ( i drew a rough loose hulk just because of the film )
You'll notice the Dante ( hopefully you knew?) doodle, i don't own a PS3 but devil may cry 4 is by far a fun game, for anyone who owns a PS3 and liked the MGS series go get MGS4! its just pure awesome! i played about 2 hours into it and i got hooked on it, great story,visuals and feel by far one of the best PS3 games so far.
Tomorrow is my Art gallery event in Vancouver so i'll try and get some pictures of the event and hopefully some of me drawing there, I'll be putting those photos up within the next day or two.
Lastly huge thanks to everyone ( new and old) who posted on my last post! thanks alot for the awesome comments guys! I'll get back to you when i can


tom said...

You saw Hulk? I didn't watch the film yet, but certainly I will! Great post, your Hulk drawing is rocks!

Anonymous said...

awesome set-
good luck with the show!