Friday, June 29, 2007


just playing around with a character, its pretty generic and not very good i think, i like the ink that i did on two of them with a thick outline and thinner inner details, but i don't think i captured his emotions and character well enough, although smoking seems to make people cooler...maybe?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

the fung

ah fung, a man of many things...probably things i don't want to know, but he's a great guy to talk to about old movies and old stuff period ( he hates to think he's old, but really..he has grey hairs showing) all joking aside, he's the one who first called me salad guy, i've heard many different ways of misspelling my name and saying it, but somehow salad guy stuck.
needless to say this doodle is one of the many faces of dan
( i love ya dan! i'm just kidding about you being old!)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

ever wondered how to become a mindless, soul-less, group following spiritless zombie?
the answer is here ladies and gentlemen
JOIN FACEBOOK! bum bum bum!
i've recently been bitten by one of those flesh-brain eating creatures...and needless to become one of them...ever waiting for that new update on your wall, or comment on your photo and you feel that everyone you used to know and haven't spoken to in many a year should be a friend.
that my friends is facebook in all its glory
don't be surpised if your picture ends up in some distant country and "your" mug is holding something like diapers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

some recent pencil-ness, the top one that says for brockkers is for brock, i'll be adding his blog link to my links soon, people should take a look at his work, when i first met the guy he couldn't draw very well and every since that day he's been nose to the ground working hard to get better, and he's got the stuff to prove he's somewhere now, also his student film is just about done now,so i'll be looking forward to his final results!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

new-er work

As some people might have noticed last wednesday brad goodchild( director for class of the titans) put up my fan-ish art for titans ( see post below) so i wanted to thank him, i'm still waiting for dave's version of himself, you can see nicole's on brad's blog, oddly enough she does look like theresa from titans.
anyway above is a rough herry i drew, doesn't really match the show's style at all ,oh times
the other picture is for a project i'm doing with someone from the states, its not really a huge thing but i wanted to do some work and get some practice, i won't say any details for now but it does have to do with snowboarding and mountain style ( i.e whistler-like place)
anyway that's all for now more to come!

Friday, June 01, 2007

zombies and titans

My co-workers Nicole and David suggest the 3 of us do drawings of ourselves in COTT style! so the non-zombie drawing is the version that i did of myself, of course i'm not that buff ( i'd like to be) but overall i think i got my own feel down pretty good.
The zombie is also titan style, just something i haven't done much of