Monday, April 20, 2009

Masked Luchador piece WIP

I was thinking of doing a piece with my Masked Luchador character from a while back, so i drew the thumbnail showed here ( i did more as well but i liked this one ) his pose i looked at some WWF and TNA type shows and images on google and youtube untill i found a pose close enough to the one i used here.

I then blew up ( printed bigger ) my thumbnail and threw on some muscles and detail and fixed the pose a bit, i inked the drawing and then colored it using Copics markers.

Now i just have to complete the BG and the other character

Oh and i posted a totally different drawing as well from my sketch pad, colors are copics



Brownie Major said...

The wrestler looks cool, but his right hand or arm in general is way too big. The Right hand is bigger than the left, when it should be the opposite. The rough looks good but looks like you lost the perspective a bit.

Just trying to help, not cuttin you down man ;)

TH3DEN said...

hey dan! what paul said. its just that hand in the back. the wrestler looks very interesting though, it would be cool if you explore some certain scenarios with him. :D