Saturday, August 18, 2007


Holy! what an experience! i went to the anime con at SFU campus today and it was for sure something new, first off i couldn't stop looking around at all the costumed people...some good and for the most part bad, lots of half naked people ( guys and girls) there must have been at least hundreds of people.
the photos above are just some of what i took of people, the top few are my co-workers from mercury( the one as rei) the other one in the black dress ( as a character from one-piece)
i met lots of friends who were into anime or were selling some. either way it was an interesting time but i'm not sure if i'd go again, i didn't buy anything except an artbook, the manga wasn't too cheap nor the anime so i didn't buy anything.
so that's my story! (p.s i loved that pocky girl!!)


macaronni said...

Quite an experience!! o_O

I wanna go next year!!

Dcfung said...


bog_art said...

I bet it was a great experience!!.. nice sketches!!..