Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Batman Beyond sketches and some Girls

The Batman Beyond sketches are not original works, i did use reference (  google and the film itself ) for them and tried to keep them in the same style as the movie and TV series

I did them for fun

The sketches of the girls are original and my own designs, i just sketched one and played around with hair and color designs

All color is done with Copic Markers and Ink, Pencil on Newsprint paper


robi pena said...

Hi Dan, how are you!! Superbe sketches!! Love the joker ^^!!

TH3DEN said...

sweet dude. great job on the shadows!

macaronni said...

How is the Batman Beyond series anyways?

I never ventured off to the different Batman shows :(

The only one I kinda followed was the Bruce Timm one.

Brownie Major said...

Good stuff for the most part dan.

Though those uh . . . light reflections on the one chick's lips look very odd. They're not really in angle with her lip so look like bits of food or something.

Benson said...

I heard they gona make a Batman Beyond Movie. Taylor Lautner gona play Terry McGinnis / Batman.