Monday, April 06, 2009

ECCC - Seattle comic con

Sorry this sketch isn't mine, i attended the Emerald city comic convention this weekend in Seattle, WA and i had the pleasure and honour of meeting some big name artists that i look up to, such as Alberto Ruiz Who was kind enough to present me with this sketch of one of his trademark women drawings, i also met and chatted with Stephen Silver who i also bought a book from. I also met Shane Glines who was and probably is one of the most humble people i've met in a long time.

I picked up some art from Dave Crosland who is an excellent artist and a super nice fellow, check out his art on, i picked up a sketchbook from Derek Fridolfs as well and his work is top notch! there was so many talented people showing their work.

I also got to listen to Mike Mignola speak about comics :)

So i have some works going on and i'll post them soon



macaronni said...

Dang.. You went to Seattle? I really wish I could attend to these Comic cons and stuff :(

macaronni said...

When are the Comic cons? Next year, I'll be busy due to my VFS Game Design course till end of June.. :(

But yeah.. If the timing works.. Count me in man :)

TH3DEN said...

nice! i guess the con went pretty well.

Leocartunista said...

Wow...i love your style.....congratulations for the lastest post.