Sunday, February 24, 2008

cafe drawing and more

Hey All,
So this is a some work from this weekend, i did some cafe drawing one page i did at a tim hortons downtown ( for non-canadian tim's is a big coffee chain in canada) and the other two at a big mall close to my place, i think it went well and i really want to do it again!
I scanned some doodles from my book and some digital work of skaters ( i used to skateboard during highschool so it felt nice to re-visit some old interests)


bog_art said...

Wow!!.. as I can see you have been really busy here!!.. it is great to go to some places and just draw an draw.. I love coffee places to do that.. your last figure drawings rock man!!.. and what a great way to do a selfportrait of you.. good job man!..

Ken said...

lots of great sketches dude! You are certainly prolific.

And I love the new avatar!

Ill send that email soon bro

Ken :D