Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fan arts

Like the title says this post is mostly fan arts

I drew Leo from TMNT ( the old movies not the cartoon show ) i just used a image still as reference

Wolverine in his "older" costume colors

another venom and spider-man post 

a self cartoony pic of me

my take on DC comics flash, his foot is a bit cropped since the image was a little too big but i wanted to try a cartoony take on him

and finally a batman drawn in a jim lee style ( i used brown because i was tired of using my other limited colors, doesn't he look a bit like nightowl from watchmen? )

all color work done using Copics Markers


Brownie Major said...

Hahah, that Ninja Turtle is hilarious, in a good way.

Ty Carter said...

I love the Ninja Turtle too! They are the BOMB! Great work here on your blog!!!

jessicaLynn said...

Hey great stuff! My friend Keeley gave me your card!!!

macaronni said...

You are a fan of yourself as well? Haha

just kidding :P

Jarrett said...

Slick work, Dan!! Love that turtle haha!

Francisco Martins said...
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Francisco Martins said...

Nice stuff Dan! Ninja Turtle Leo is looking good! hehe!
Take care!

Francisco Martins