Monday, July 03, 2006

funny words

To fully understand this post and why the name danivir pops up in the words written by a good friend of mine ( justin smith...who's rocking heads at bardel) it goes back to about 6 months ago.
I kept seeing this pretty cute girl on the bus, so one day after probably a week of seeing her morning after morning on the bus/skytrain i got my guts and finally talked to her, now i don't know if people know how hard it is to strike up a convo based on "hey i've been checking you out on the bus...wanna go out?" yeah i didn't really say that to her, point is we talked the whole trip to downtown and i ended up with her msn ( score!!) her name was Danivir Kent, yeah sounds english right? well she was mexican ( go figure) but she seemed like a classy babe, so we talked a few times here and there and one day at school i was in such a good mood that justin (smith) noticed and asked what was up, so i told him about danivir and he thought i was talking about a female version of myself ( i.e a tall hairy skinny girl with glasses) and then peter h got into it which made it worse, by lunch the class next door knew so i was at the end of being picked on with the likes of " hey danivir...oops that's your "girlfriend" right?? LOL" yeah whatever....anyway to end this long boring tale it didn't work out between me and danivir, i guess she wasn't looking for a boyfriend and i was too lazy to go out to musicals and other crap, even though that didn't stop people at school who knew me from calling me danivir untill near the end of the program, this drawing was done by justin during film time, he did the clean up over my rough and ended up making the dude look great...amazing what a good artist can do to a crappy drawing.
anyway that was that, i have another one just like it but of the little chracter which i'll post one day.


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Aww, I miss those days.