Friday, March 28, 2008

Doodles from the last day or two, i drew a monster-ish thing! that's pretty rare for me since i don't draw or design creatures often (enough)
some other guys, a venom head and a girl who i based on a josh middleton painting ( be sure to check him out if you don't know him, he's awesome!)
and can't forget another Sol bad-guy photoshop painting


Jauzi@Raihan said...

wow! great!

Joseph Lee said...

Diggin' these drawings! Great job!

bog_art said...

Great ones man!!.. and it is great you feel better.. your creature reminds me "doomsday", the monster who killed superman.. the guy's face in the left side of your Venom is really well done.. like in a good exageration caricature style.. thanks for your words too, and you are right, Josh Middleton art work is amazing!!..

Vhrsti said...

Cool vibrant sketches and storyboards! You are great artist!