Friday, March 16, 2007

how i work....?

I thought i migh give a little insight into how i sometimes make my character designs ( by no means am i trying to be cocky or anything, its not like i'm a pro or something) for example the 2 faces on the side are probably the most common way i start to draw any character, for some reason i like to have a face in mind when drawing any character, above you can see 3 mini knight type characters, the one on the top left was the first one i did, i then did the guy in blue and cleaned and fixed to make it into the brown one.
i wasn't happy with the loose drawing in blue so i tighted as best i could to have a fairly happy result.
hopefully this might give some people an idea of how i tend to work, its probably not the best method or anything and sometimes i won't have a character i like, but then its time to DRAW DRAW DRAW!


macaronni said...

You made the knight all Gangsta G dood! O_O

Justin Smith said...

Hey man...Like the knights! You draw a whole lot of them huh?