Saturday, February 02, 2008


Hey Everyone,
sorry the posting wasn't happening, i came down with something nasty a few days ago and it really took me out.
I'm feeling better now though and i've scanned some more life drawings from last monday's class, i believe the poses were from 30secs or so.
On a different note i had mentioned i was working on a project with someone but that turned quite sour so the people doing it let me go, which is fine by me, the project itself wasn't what i was expecting in terms of being in order and properly run and done, so that does take a huge load of stress off my back, now i'm free to return to work on my comic and do some more animations at home.


macaronni said...

That's why you don't collab but stick to you own stuff heh :P

robi pena said...

Always awesome drawings my friend :-)!! Greats!!