Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hey all,
Some scans of last thrusday's life drawing class, poses i think were 2-5 mins long, i think i'm getting a little tiny bit better each class, i had not life drawn for well over a year since a few weeks ago.
The little fast doodles are for someone who had posted an ad looking for an artist to draw a drawing of him, these are some quick idea doodles and playing with shape/angle I'll post the final when i'm done.
you can visit his website at he's a local :)


robi pena said...

Hi Dan!! Absolute lovely drawings!! Muy bonitos!! Greats sir!

Ken said...

hey dude im digging the looseness of your life drawings!

oh you mentioned me lookin at your work and givin some advice? Im no expert, but i can give you my 50 cents if you like!

just tell me what you want me to look at dude

Ken :D

Richtoon said...

Great drawings/sketches/ Good forms and shapes.