Wednesday, August 02, 2006

today's doodles

the little knight guy is once again from my final 2d student film, and the head is a daily doodle


macaronni said...

I can see that you're improving daily.

Keep up the good work!

Dan Yu said...

hey dan, all i can say is that
keep trying!
and if you've applied and got no
reply from the studio keep bugging
them until they give you an answer.
haha.. once you get into the
industry it's pretty easy to get
jobs in the future.
bardel has lots of stuff going on
right now so you should apply
again. also be willing to do
any kind of job if you're desperate
for a job. good luck!

Steph.F. said...

Hey Dan! Thanks for dropping by my blog and posting your kind comments. You've got a lot of different styles on here which is great - variation is key. Nice work!