Saturday, December 08, 2007

Midnight Carnival

I scanned enough art for two posts! well i just wanted to break this apart.
This is gonna be my last anime painting for a while, while i like the style i think i should try some new stuff for a while.
So this one is I-no( its said like E instead of I) from guilty gear xx, i found the original drawing in guilty gear x draft works and re-drew it ( you can see my rough in a past post below) i cleaned it using flash and then imported it to photoshop where i colored and added textures ( yes its a stock sky texture in the back which i didn't make) it turned out really good so i'm happy, it took me a few days and hours apart to get it done.
the guy is just a character i drew and played around with, i did draw him full body in that one drawing but i guess it was too big so i couldn't scan it and had to crop.


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bog_art said...

It is a great idea to stop your anime draws and to start with a new line style.. I think you are in a good anime level to leave it now.. and you could compare your new skills later when you have passed through your new process..

RoB said...

Hi Dan!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Your blog is awesome!~ Great designs and shapes! :)


tom said...

Hey Hungry Hungarian!:)
You have a great blog here!
I will come back more often.