Sunday, December 02, 2007

2010 Vancouver

So as many people know the winter 2010 games are being held in my own backyard of Vancouver!
at first i thought it'd be a great idea but the last year or two has been getting worse and worse, raising taxes, useless "improvements" and many other things, just recently the new mascots were shown as well, they looked nothing less of weird wanna-be anime design characters designed for nothing more the government trying to get an extra cash grab, so in spite of all that i thought i'd draw my own mascot character that more clearly showcases the lower mainland's "colorful" character, i call him HIV harry and he's the hobo on the busy street with the handmade sign asking for money so he can eat or buy smokes/booze.
these other drawings are from photos of people i got off the net ( only two drawings are of people)
anyway that's all for now

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