Tuesday, December 18, 2007

End of the titans

That's right, as of last friday class of the titans is done! yahoo!! well its not done done but i finshed my contract for painting on it, it was such an interesting 9 months, most of the people i met i knew from VFS or from other friends so it wasn't so bad.
I had alot of laughs and i met some cool talented people, i hope to return there in the new year for some animation openings but i'll keep everyone posted.
Sorry i haven't updated sooner, it was a crazy weekend and week so far since thrusday last week with lots of goodbyes and some drinking.
I thought it'd be nice to leave this post with a titans drawing, i hand colored some of jay and the BG with copic markers ( anyone know how to use them? if so please leave me some tips/advice!) its not done but i'm cleaning and adding tones/textures in photoshop so expect a finshed piece sometime.
Cheers and thanks to everyone who stopped by, i'll return comments soon~


tom said...

Okay, I like your pencil works. The details of the trees, the clouds is well done! Are you use markers when inking?

The tree on the right side is inked with pen as I see, and it looks good! I think this way is the right choice for you!

My english isn't very well, but I hope I helped!

Mokuu said...

Markers markers markers, they get you high when working in a closed room for more than an hours.

Alright, theres multiple ways of working with these babies, you can lay colors -swipe by swipe- meaning you can fill in an area using as few strokes as you can trying to make each of them bleed into one another to give you some kind of painterly effect.

Or you can lay colors -filling- which makes you go back on the same area multiple times while the marker is still wet to get the color to blend really well and give you a solid color. Works better on marker paper.

Copics give you that extra brush edge that comes in sweetly if you have details to add like lighting, reflected light, etc. Oh about light, be sure to leave some unfulled area as lighting spots, had to find out the hard way but its better to do that than using a white prismacolor coloring pencil.

I hear you can blend markers well with oily prismacolors premium or watercolor pencils but i havent tested if the paper could take it.

Anyway keep rocking, oh and GG2 released a first album, all symphonic but the second album should be the rock one.