Friday, September 08, 2006

blogger break

i really do hate whatever the hell has happened to blogger, i can't even seem to upload and properly post my art anymore, so untill i can figure what i need to do to fix it i guess i'm going to take a "blogger break" and not post for a while.

in the mean time, i wanted to introduce one of my older teachers from film school to the blogger world, and even though not many people might check my blog this guy is well worth it, his name is gideon flitt and is already quite famous for his fine art so i'm pretty sure that's nothing new, but to those from the film school who happened to miss him, you can see his works at i was lucky enough to have him teach my class life drawing, color theory and some others, he's probably one if not the most talented people i have ever met in my short life, just to name a few things he did over his life are and not limited to: hairdresser, fashion designer, art history buff, masterful oil painter, masterful life drawer, history teacher, and many others that could probably fill a page, but don't take my word for it check out his site and maybe even drop him a line.
happy lookings and i'll try and be back to blogger as soon as i can

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