Thursday, July 20, 2006

older doodles

first off sorry for the delay in postings, i've been working on my portfolio and demoreel again so that's taken up some of my time.
I'd like to ask the people who visit my blog to leave me some comments, the last time i checked i had 195 people view this blog, so i'd like some feedback! but thank you to all the people who've checked out my shitty work

second, i totally agree with Alberto Ruiz's comment about the state of things, in the wake of these recent bombings and even more looming, people and things are getting out of hand.

and finally these two doodles above are from scraps i found in my film school boxes, the anime-ish guy is from akria and the drawing is from Falcoon ( check out this guy's art!! he's amazing) i did it as some fan art to both him and akira which is one of my fav animated films of all time.
and the other drawing is from a marvel comic cover, i think it was from universe X or something ( last good thing marvel put out was secert wars..awesome art again @ )
these are just based off others work, but recenty i haven't had time to do much drawings, so cheers~

1 comment:

heri said...

ha.. you will animate for food or booze. wow. well... thanks for the comment and yeah, the baby illustration is redbull. can't have a n infant drinking.