Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So these are just some thumbnails i was doing real quick recently, i had intended to use them for a flash animation, but i gave up on that idea and these drawings remain.
On a different side note i'd like to personally say good job to both my good friend Mac Ko( you can view his blog at my links section) and my other friend Greg Roth who are both VFS grads and now currently work for Bardel downtown, All i can say is...its about time Mac!! just kidding, I'm happy for both of them, as well they work along side my classmate and friend justin smith( you can also see justin's blog in my links) and steph sim who also work at bardel.
So now all i can say is...I want to get in!!
have a good time guys and see you soon ( i hope)


macaronni said...

I keep forgetting to add you on my blog.. now it's there ol' man.

Emy Jo said...

Stupid Bardel... offered me a job then took it back because of my American-ness... grumble, grumble...

Hooray for being highly unemployed!