Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Comic update

Wow i haven't been on here for quite some time, i've been busy with my own personal work and sketching, i'm also taking some time to enjoy the weather ( whenever it's nice ) 

So a little update is that i finished pencils for the comic issue i was working on, it's for sure something different then i've done before but i think i grew out of it for sure.

These are some sketches and early concept designs for the main characters of the series, the only thing not related in here is the sketches of the woman with the paper and the faces

I also threw in a BG i had started to Ink, this is pretty much what the BG's inside the comic are going to look like ( at least some panels ) and the ink was a test to see how it would look

I'll keep everyone posted on the comic status



Brownie Major said...

Hey that second sketch is pretty cool though the Jeans seems an odd choice give what looks like a spandex top or whatnot.

Jarrett said...

Yo cool drawings, man! It was nice meeting you too, and yes, we should just arrange to go sketching at some point. Talk to you later.

dahn said...

Great start, look forward to more updates.

robi pena said...

Yesss cool drawings, cool personages ^__^!!!