Monday, July 06, 2009

Lady, rough and inked

Hey everyone,

Been a while again for updates, i've been working on some stuff on my own so i guess that's taken some of my time up.

For this woman i used some live photo reference to get a better feel for pose, structure and even a bit of clothing ( push and pulls ) after i inked it for some practice as well ( although i have to get used to the crow quill and metal tip ink brushes )

Anyway i'm off to florida for a while so i won't be getting back to anyone for a bit



RoB said...

Great post! Love the rough into the final piece!

Have fun in Florida! :)

anime2000 said...

Hey dan. Don't worry I haven't died yet. It's been so long. Nice post as usual I’m gonna update soon n chceck out da rest of ur work. No more school. “Yay…I think. *_*”