Wednesday, June 03, 2009

East Meets West : Agent West

It's been a while since an update, i'm a bit sunburned since last weekend so it's rather tricky to draw and the recent hot weather isn't the most comfortable to work in :)

Anyway i managed to finish this rough for Agent West before my sunburn, colors will happen as soon as i can move my arms in a more comfy manner.

I tried to design her in a sort of pseudo 60's kinda deal ( the gloves and boots ) but i liked her to look classy so i gave her a slit leg dress



bog_art said...

I just can imagine how is the hot summer over there.. It is great you still can move enough for doing this great drawing!.. I really like your last post also.. I always enjoy how the sketch turns into a final job..

PS: It took me around 2-4 hours each one.. I am slow yet.. haha..

Anonymous said...


maybe some more research into the costume could help.

is the story set in present day or timeless era?

Blow-up, James Bond or the Matt Helm films have lots of mod-spy style to them. It just seems like the costume is lacking some cool feature- high collar, or scarf...?

but it's looking good

Brownie Major said...

hmmn, what if instead you made those gloves the kind that are more fashion and less utility. The kinda that go up the arm past the elbow sort of like pantyhose. Though not really sure if that's 60s ish.

Or. Could give her one of those sort of coat/dresses like the one on the right:


Wheras the gloves like this: example

though not leather.

I don't think the two would really go together btw. But I agree you could probably research the costume a bit more.