Wednesday, March 04, 2009

!Jail break 2

So same theme and character but different BG, i wanted to give the BG a dark feel so i used red for the sky ( similar to the BG's in the batman ) and i darkend the character as well



Brownie Major said...

I like this one better than the previous one. Your first piece bugs me a bit because the nearest jailbreaker's far arm interacts weird with the watch tower behind him (the silhouettes of the two sort of blend into one another).

If I had anything to say about this one it is probably the choice of colours for the building. I'm guessing this is supposed to be a night time escape, I find it a bit odd that the darkest part of the building is also the closest. Maybe the jail is painted differently by floor? In particular that big, dark pillar (not a pillar, but the part that juts out) on the right hand of the page keeps drawing my eye when it shouldn't.

Also it's cool that you're going for 3 point perspective, but it seems you lost it a bit on the top floor of the jail. I think it's partly the wall but mostly the windows. The roof itself could be lower too, though I wouldn't bring the peak of the triangle beneath the cutoff of the top.

Anyway, maybe that helps. Maybe not.

Brownie Major said...

Oh just to clarify my last comments. When I mention those windows I mean they're too flat, the verticals should be slanting in like the rest of your lines.

And when I say lower the roof I don't mean lower the wall, just that I think the roof would be more of an upshot. So the horizontal bottom would stay the same but the peak of the triangle would be brought down (but as I say you should keep the tip of the triangle cut off).

Brownie Major said...

No no, I don't think you need the other character. I just think that pillar is too dark. Maybe make it the colour of the wall directly behind the guy? The Pillar is almost as dark its projected shadow, I think it should be lighter than that. If it's lighter it'll be less distracting. Having empty space in front of the guy is good.

I changed the ship pics so you can actually tell what the hell it is now. Until I learn how to do that "clay render thing" proper like I'll just forget it. And yeah, planning on paper is good. Unfortunately I wasn't really in the drawing mood at the time. And I rarely do finished drawings. Bad.

Pito said...


I like this one, and all sketch.

Nice blog.


robi pena said...

Superbe works, love it!!! Cheers my friend!!

Francisco Martins said...

Hey there!
Cool piece...The perspective is brilliant and the composition is great!. Good job dude!

Francisco Martins

Ken said...

hey dude, nice work u been doin lately, kinda missed everyones blogging in the past few months, got some catching up to do!!!

Oh and cool new avatar :D

kelly said...

wow your stuff is awesome! Vancouvers got a lot of talent! I love your posing, and characters, I'll be checking back often!

Jarrett said...

Nice one, Dan! I checked out that show "Gunsmith Cats" and noticed the similarity haha. I drew a character not long ago that I later realized looked an awful lot like Danny Phantom (quite unintentionally I might add).

I think that happens when you're drawing using a certain philosophy of shapes and proportion. You learn you're not the only one who's doing it lol

Jarrett said...

Hmm, I haven't heard the other guys mentioning it. Where is it at? Seattle?

Anonymous said...

looks like you are working through a
composition problem- always a challenge worth taking

nice work!

bog_art said...

I prefer this one for sure.. I love the way how they paint the sky red.. thanks for the good wishes.. cheers!..

Berni said...

I like the atmosphere in this one--dark and devious, that angle adds to it, too! Nice work!!!