Monday, March 31, 2008

princess lily and more

Hey All

I've put up a bunch of concept/rough drawings i did for a cilent for a character he wanted done, it was a princess with a flower type dress named lily, i did a few different styles and shapes but i never got much more into the project since he had found another artist and was happy with their work, oh well i guess you can't win them all! one or two of the drawings you might have seen below in another post, i was planning on waiting untill i was done the project but since this happened i wanted to post everything together, the one guy in the corner is not part of the project, i was just too lazy to scan it :)

A digital painting of a weird guy (photoshop/flash) and what's this? animation! i haven't put any up yet, this is a character from the fox kid's TV show "Chaotic" and no i didn't work on the show, but i did get this test from them so i wanted to put it up, i think the character was called bodal, anyway fun times with flash ( be sure to turn up your speakers since he does talk in this clip)



Lena said...

Greetings!Thanks for the comment! Very interesting development of the character of princess!
Good bye! Lena.

Artalexis said...

Muy buenos tus bocetos muy dinamicos....saludos

Ken said...

Nice sketches dude! Shame about the job thing though... ah well. their loss!

Did you do the animation? My 50 cents on lip synch - Its more about body movement rather than mouth movement! I reckon the lip shapes are always the cherry on the cake rather than the cake itself

If that makes any sense whatsoever lol

Nice work man!

Alexei Martins said...

WOW Lily is beautiful!
I love it!!!

Cheer!!!! :D

robi pena said...

Always a good line!! Very nice sketches!!

Anonymous said...

nice work.
lots of characters