Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sketches and doodles

So i'm not sure if you can tell but i tried to caricature Arnold Schwarzenegger in some drawings, me and a friend have had a long running thing to try and draw him...he owns tons of Arnie's movies and i love watching some of them.

Other posts here are some sketches and one is a character sketch for someone since they asked me a while back.

That's all for now



Brownie Major said...

Hey Dan, honestly that first chick looks a bit crazy. The way you have her eyes suggests that she's tilting her head but the way you have the nose and the chin (and mouth) suggests that she's not so basically she's got a crazy right eye in the end (if that helps).

jeremy Charpentier said...

amazing sketches! love it!

Brownie Major said...

Yeah Dan I'm not trying to say you suck or anything. That sketch of the girl, I like it aside from the messed up eye & ear.

I just try to actually leave some constructive feedback on blogs. "Looks great" is good for self-esteem but not good for improving and the biggest booster of self-esteem for me is looking back at shitty drawings of mine and seeing how much better I am. :D (ie how much I've improved).

So then I can say "man I suck, but not as much as I used to!"

macaronni said...

Gooooooo!!! Runnnnnn!!!! GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!!!

ca60gregory said...

That Arnie is amazing, the top corner inked one.. He kind of has a bit of that"Im going to rape you" look in his eyes.. That won the hearts of all Californians