Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hey Bloggers,
Someone might think i put alot of time and thought and fleshed out a character for the girl, but really i just had an image of a spanish/latin woman in my mind with a carefree outlook and long curly black hair, i got so into her i ended up doing a few "key poses" of her doing a little shrug and smile, i even did a color pic (all seen above)
fun times, the guys got left out, the top guy is more like me and my outlook to people asking me for stuff at work ;)


kenjibliss said...

Hey Dan, thanks for the comment and stopping by my blog. I dig your stuff also and enjoy your character designs. The facial studies in blue pencil is AWESOME! Hope to see more from this one and cheers!


Lena said...

Dan!OO! Super! Very good good figure! Very professionale!I wish your of good luck!Good bye!

Goobeetsablog said...

you don't stop?
which is great

keep them coming!

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your own blog is impressive as well! Tons of great stuff here...I shall be keeping an eye on it.

Ken said...

I like the girl sketches :D

bog_art said...

Well.. this kind of things happen when whe have a woman in our head.. haha.. you did a great job man!!.. she looks like a Colombian girl.. well.. I used a lot of references to create my animals, and all the pictures I found about the little frog were similar about the eye texture.. I think that is how this particular animal is.. thanks for the comment!!..

tom said...

Hey Dan!
I visited long before your blog, I am sorry for it,. We moved, double work umm lame excuse:)
But I see it how much you drew! Thats great! Your blog increased by many wonderful pictures!