Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hey i just came to watch you jerks do your jerkbending..

The title is from the newest episode of Avatar, i like how the voice actor for this character was able to bring so much personality to it, Sokka's character for sure grew into a more important character as the series have gone on, as well as saying funny things.
I think its a great series with lots of detail and small things put it, the background and FX animation are really good for what is a TV show, it's aimed for kids but i find lots of people like watching it, it'd be nice to see more shows of this nature on TV.


Mokuu said...

That serie grew up so fast, i mean, it started very very slow and kiddy but middle season BAM, season 2 KAPOW and season 3, TIGERUPPERCUT !
But most of all, the research done for the movements and attacks, straight from original kung fu styles, truly serious material ((so serious i was referencing a couple of fire attacks from them))

PS:And Dan, as for disney, throw all you got at them, no surrender ! I just hope they give feedback and all.

PSS:Also as for the book, i could send you the first edition (had cash to buy both back in the testing days) it should be around somewhere.

PSSS: How did you know my bd was up soon o.O I usually ghost it off every site, galleries, blog, personal page and id cards i ever get.

PSSSS: Keep attacking at the job hunt, Nothing to lose in applying constantly :D

bog_art said...

Wow.. you are busy and you still have time to post a lot.. that is the way man!!.. this one is so good!!..

robi pena said...

Uhuu!! Good personages and good technics! Hope to see more of them!

RoB said...

Awesome! Avatar is a great show! You have been super busy with your post, GO DAN!!!

Keep them coming! :)