Sunday, May 17, 2009

WIP controller drawings

So i had a close friend of mine ask me and some other friends of ours to do some custom artwork for an arcade game controller stick he is getting.

He's a bit of  a Marvel fan hence the Wolverine and Deadpool sketches and drawings below, he wanted to have those two characters and perhaps a third doing something so i whipped up some thumbnails that would cover his whole controller, he asked to have it Black and White ( Inked with a bit of shading ) and have it action packed.

So i guess it's a good thing i've been doing lots of fan arts lately, so here you can see my takes, of course i used reference and for some of it i relied on it more as my friend wanted something more like the comics ( he's a picky bum lol ) 

Nothing is final and just WIP for now, it might now even happen as he's still thinking of what he wants and how but i thought i'd post some work.

I won't be updating too soon since i've had a cold since last week too



Brownie Major said...

What kind of game controller is this thing for?? You might want to try something more dramatic, like Wolverine jumping at Deadpool like a wild animal and deadpool opening up on him with an SMG or something. I dunno. Depends on what you have to work with but Wolverine is usually prone to fits of animal rage and deadpool, well don't know much about him, but I'm guessing he's more of a cold, cool assassin sorta thing.

Brownie Major said...

Haha, he wants something "pro" so he wants something copied out of a book? That's lame man.

"Hey look, I got this photocopied or traced picture from a book on my arcade machine! yay!"

bog_art said...

I would love to see the final result!.. I hope you get better with your could soon..

PS: I went to USA like 4 years ago, but this was my first time in CA..
PS2: I knew that is the Joker of Batman beyond, but it is still good.. =)