Monday, July 07, 2008


Just a little comic featuring my friends greg and hammie, this was more of an inside joke between us while we watched TV.
I think i'll try more of these in the future based on stuff i see read or think etc.


Goobeetsablog said...

chicken- or chicken-like?

tom said...

I want a hot wings right now!

I missed your previous updates, you know: it's finally summertime:)

macaronni said...

I laughed at this one :P

You should clean it up like Penny Arcade style, and perhaps start a series. People will dig it if it's done right.

macaronni said...

I'm doing alright.. I actually got sick twice here in Korea haha.. Maybe it's the climate.. or stacked fatigue tumbling down after working?

Anyways, I saw Kung Fu Panda,Hancock and Wanted here.

I missed Hulk, garrrr.. Still gotta see Wall-E and more more movies heh..

Joseph Lee said...

Funny stuff!

PaulSketch said...

hahaha!! Awesome comic - short and sweet.