Saturday, July 26, 2008

days before the end

Hey Boys and Girls,

Yes i know i've been a bad blogger lately for not posting too often and getting back to those who took the time to comment on my last few posts, I'll make it up to you by returning the comments and seeing your awesome posts!
Anyway like the title of the post says, I'm taking a small vaction with family to the wonderful world of Disney(world)!
I leave this up coming monday and won't be back till August 4th, I'll upload some photos when i get back though!
Besides leaving to Orland,Florida ( where disneyworld is) the place i work at is closed for two weeks! Yay! some time off to catch up on work on drawing! so expect some posts when i get back.
These were some doodles and sketchs from my pad recently.
I also wanted to let you guys know to check out my other site where i upload my comics with some other friends!
its called Not Quite a Webcomic and features comic strips from me, my friend Hammie ( he created his site on there) and Anthony.
so please be sure to check out and see my comic strips up there! You can tell which ones are mine because mine are always the longest pages on there ( mallnerds, chaotic, etc) I'll mention when i have something up on there so you can check it out



macaronni said...

Bah... You've been posting much better than I am anyways..

Have a good time at Disney World!

Justin Smith said...


I checked out those comics and I have to say I really don't agree with the Chaotic ones being posted. Im guessing you got those files from the studio as a test? Regardless, besides not being funny, they are copyrighted materials. Maybe its just me but it seems wrong. Not the best idea if your ever looking for a job at that studio.

Justin Smith said...

Hey man

Thanks for the comments!

I was probably a little harsh above. Im just really, really big on copyrights and don't always like stuff like that. But thats just my opinion and please don't take it down because of ONE persons opinion :) Im sure most people would not care much anyways (and find it funny)

Have a great trip man!


Ian Milne said...

Hey Dan! How've you been? Good to see you're still keeping busy. Is there any animation lurking around Disney World? Bring back some of those magic pencils they have. Any chance of making it into life drawing when you get back? Have fun.

Goobeetsablog said...

you have some good stuff over there
I like "Kids" especially

david benzal said...

Nice sketches!!
See you

Ian Milne said...

Hey Dan,

Thanks. I THINK classes are wed and fri afternoons. Don't quote me. I'm on a holiday myself for a couple weeks camping and such, maybe I'll see in there later. Good work. Take Care.