Friday, January 14, 2011

Group final film and updates!

Click to see the group film i did in 3 weeks at Capilano University, i created the storyboards, did some of the design work and animated a few scenes in this film
It was created in Softimage 2011, Adobe Aftereffects and Photoshop CS5, Flash CS5

Also some small bits of updates and so on ;)



Brownie Major said...

Cool beans.
What scenes did you animate? And who's idea was it for the film, or was it sort of a group consensus?

Bradly Couch said...

Guru -

I really like the sinister look and mouth position you chose to take as the clerk points to the price on the register and "glares" at the little girl in (Happy Candy)

After looking over your blog I assume you were part/all of the store clerk creatives.


Chintan Brahmbhatt said...

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