Saturday, September 08, 2007

Holy titan alert batman!!

So finally the second season of class of the titans is out! so for anyone within canada it starts tomorrow (sunday the 9th) on teletoon at 9:30am for any who just might doubt that i do in fact work on titans my name ( along with friends and co-workers) is here on a screen capture.
I believe the season should be on sunday for new episodes.
these drawings are the most recent, the lovely girl is a friend of mine from work, i plan on coloring her along with some others for face book sometime soon.
thanks for the comments guys!


Ian Milne said...

Hey Dan. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. What are you working as at Mercury? Your drawings look great by the way. I've been working on a small peice of acting for the last week and I hope its more applicable to the commercial scene. I'll post it early this week so have a look it you have time and tell me what you think. Im going to be getting my demo reel and portfolio out next week to. Any advice?

macaronni said...

1 and 3 shows some character. Good job!

Kei Phillips said...

wow you have been very busy sketching!! awesome work. :D

i'm loving the expressions.
wish i could drew men! XD