Monday, July 23, 2007

weekover postin'

Wow, so i started a new pad with a different type of paper, as you can see its a bit darker and thicker then what i used before, i like it because i can really dig into the paper and not rip it up much.
these are recent, some like the jester i did at my friends house over the weekend( which was fun times i might add....he also added his clean up on my drawing of that jester) i tried to draw a picture of his dad but don't think i got the emotion down, i've been playing around with different styles such as a thick outline recently, also i've finally drawn some more girls!


macaronni said...

3rd drawing on the bottom, looks great.

Keep it up! Cause I know I'm not..


bog_art said...

Really nice draws!!..

Kei Phillips said...

hi and thanks. i love these new sketches, great expressions and styles. the girls with the red lips is my fave, she is really funky. awesome work. :D