Monday, July 09, 2007

old and new

Old and new stuff from my pad, sorry if you can't see some of them, the paper has been across all kinds so its not as stiff as it used to be.
some of these i put up on advice from my friend, and yeah i have alot of head shots, i'm working on improving my body shots and using different styles of clothing.
also for anyone interested you can watch some of season one of class of the titans on youtube.
the stuff i'm working on now should be out around aug. or so, its got some real cool scenes in it so far, so be on the look out!


macaronni said...

The guy standing and the blue sketch from the last picture looks nice.

Mokuu said...

God... the energy in these sketches. Have you been to an animation program? Illustration?

Megan Ferguson said...

its awesome how yah draw guys , such interesting and dynamic features , IM JEALOUS ! :D !

i'll be back for more

(i'm guessing from your post in her blog that you work/know nicole , FORCE HER TO UPDATE :D ! )

Justin Smith said...

Lookin good dan! Have you started working on any flash stuff at all? Id love to see it if you have man...