Monday, April 09, 2007

some more spidy 3.....and stuff

One more drawing of my "peter parker" probably doesn't look like him eh? the top one with ole dubya i found on someone else's blog, i thought it was damn funny, probably one more thing he'll end up saying sometime soon.
and lastly i found this picture of aang from avatar on their website, great great show, i had my doubts when nick showed us the demo last year, i mean c'mon a kid with an arrow on his head? but i started to watch it and its a great show, it takes some of the best elements of an anime style show and combines it with a north american twist, and its interesting enough to keep your attention, the characters develop over the season and it picks up in season 2 and ends with a cliffhanger, so i can't wait for season 3 book 3:fire

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