Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey everyone,

sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a little crazy with everything.

First i should mention i've started a new job!  that's right, i work as a storyboard artist at Nexon games ( known for games like sugar rush, maple story, combat arms and more!) they make free on-line games with the ability to make mirco-transactions ( buying items for your character in-game for super cheap ) and so far it's proven a great business.

anyway you can see the website at and maybe even download some of our games! I can't say what i'm doing just yet but it should be out to the public soon enough.

In the meantime i've been working on character designs for  a flash short i'm doing.

it's called "El Prez" and it's about the president ( unknown country at this point, but similar to the USA ) and his family, mainly his wife, daugther and young son.

So far this is just concept work, in my last post i had done a rough turn-a-round for his wife "Joyce"



macaronni said...

Wow! Congrats man. It's so hard to get a job around these days.

And Nexon at that! You deserve a kudos!

As for me.. Still looking :P

Louis-Etienne Vallee said...

Glad you found work, Dan, and apparently, you are at a good place right. I am the envious one now. ;)I'll be the one apply to Nexxon in month few months for a job.

Congrats mate.

Alexei Martins said...

WOW!!!cool!!congrats for the job!!!looks awesome!!
Love the new posts!!!cool stuff!!!