Thursday, December 03, 2009

whole whack of drawings

Hey Everyone,

So i just thought i'd upload a whole bunch of sketches at once, i used more of that paper from last time that i mentioned for some of these drawings like the ninja turtle and Jim Gordon ( Batman )

I also have one more Arnie drawing with Morgan Freeman and some other characters from the Batman movie ( batman begins ) i also drew Carrot Top above ( but not so creepy, like in real life ) I did use photo reference for the actors themselves.

Colors are done with markers ( copics and Tria's ) and a brush pen ( faber castell brush pen )



anime2000 said...

God Damn Dan!!! YOUR freaking good!!! Sorry but I'm not a big fan of Batman, I'm more of a superman type guy. But I do like da characters. Anyways I'm just stopping buy to let u kno I'm still alive. I want to catch up on your blog but I dnt have da time yet. Not only dat, they're other Blogs I have to catch up on as well.
Anyways keep up the good work and nice post. :)

ca60gregory said...

You are really getting pretty amazing with this caricature stuff!

macaronni said...

Love the Gordon man.