Sunday, November 09, 2008

Work doodles

So not much to post up, I've been busy as heck this late week or so with work and it's drained my energy

Speaking of work it's awesome and i'm lovin' being there!

I'll add some links to some of my fellow peeps everyone should check out!

first off is one of the new concept guys we got in to the studio, check out this badass cat's work at his blog

another great artist (concept again!?) has some kick ass work up, plus he did the flash animation to the website for the studio

Oh lastly, the few drawings i have on the bottom here as just some mall sketchs of people in the food court.

the above work is drawings and doodles from work while i wait for stuff to get done or whatever.



macaronni said...

Great links.

Gah.. I need to find a job where I can be surrounded by talented folks with passion!

TH3DEN said...

nice dude!! sounds like an awesome job :D keep at it:)!! those are some ridiculously talented people!! :D

anime2000 said...

Not my favs but they're all right. I like the one thats not on line paper. You know how to use markers well dough. Nice work, can't wait to see some astounding stuff dough.


Ken said...

hey dude, cool drawings and congrats on the job!

Oh! Ive tagged you. MWUHUHUHU!

Check out my blog to find out what it means dude... its a little blogosphere game

Ken :D